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Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Functional Medicine Doctor

Dr. Leen Tannous

Remove what causes imbalance
Provide what creates balance 

Receive a personalised and scientific approach to healthcare through functional medicine.

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Private GP | Functional Medicine Doctor

Dr. Leen Tannous

Holistic private GP

Receive a personalised and scientific approach to healthcare.



About Dr. Leen Tannous

As well as working for the NHS, I run a private practice as a private GP and functional medicine doctor to be able to practice the care which I believe every person should receive.


I am a general practitioner based in London. I trained in North West London and since then continued practising across London in private and NHS GP clinics, urgent centers and hospitals. I regularly participate in lectures / conferences aiming to promote health and well being. I am extremely passionate about disease prevention using functional medicine approach, identifying the root cause of symptoms and helping individuals focus on disease prevention. 

You can check my Functional medicine education on IFM website 


What is functional medicine?

The future of healthcare achieved through a personalised and scientific approach.

To really understand your health needs we will focus on all biological systems and how they work together to treat the body as a whole and address the root cause of disease.


In our experience, the traditional approach to medicine which includes a one size fits all solution never works. Every human is different and here at functional medicine doctor we gain a deep understanding of who you are and what you need to reach optimal health.

Evidence based

Our initial consultation is based on 90minutes detailed history taking and examination to better understand you. We use cutting-edge laboratory testing to untangle underlying issues causing imbalances and chronic symptoms.

Personalised health plan

We build and share with you a timeline of your health and symptoms progression and create a tailored health plan specific to your lifestyle, genetics and biology. We use your strengths to create realistic plans to a successful transformation. We use our knowledge about your family history, genetic makeup, laboratory tests and physical examination to improve your quality of life.

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Targeting individuals ready for a change

We know that quick solutions never work long term. Intracellular changes are often not visible and can take years to become obvious. Our approach reverses all these years of lifestyle choices, it’s a journey that requires commitment and love. We always tell our patients to stay away from quick health solutions as they are often expensive, ineffective, and sometimes harmful.

Symptoms and conditions we can help with

We can help with a wide variety of symptoms and conditions such as those listed below:

  • Hormonal issues

  • Digestive issues 

  • Fatigue

  • Mental health problems 

  • Skin problems 

  • Fertility 

  • Chronic disease 

  • Autoimmune disease

Supporting partners

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